Established in December 2001, Semisysteme Asia is the leading distributor of high purity components in the business of constructing and operating gas systems . The bulk of our customers come from the South East Asia region, dealing mainly in the Microelectronics, Solar and Petrochemical industries. Over the course of the decade, we have garnered a steady list of clients who have witnessed and experienced the excellence of our works and services firsthand.

It has always been our company’s policy and mission to provide quality service to all our customers. This is shown through our commitment in providing products that are safe, durable and economical, all of which strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our products are also often designed and customized to suit your requirements, giving you the most efficient and relevant system pertaining to your operations.

Our Aim
To constantly improve quality, service and delivery performance together with enhancing customer satisfaction.

Semisysteme Asia Pte Ltd
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